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Ibogaine Explained

Medical and scientific communities continue to document the collective  results of  ibogaine therapy's novel use in addiction interruption along with it’s therapeutic effects when used as a tool for transpersonal growth and self exploration.

Ibogaine's History

For centuries, indigenous cultures in West Africa have celebrated this medicine. The psychotherapeutic introspection associated with the medicine has brought worldwide psychiatric attention to the core aspects of ibogaine therapy.


Envision Recovery offers medically supervised ibogaine treatment
in our mountainside clinic located in Central Valley Costa Rica.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an emotionally and psychologically healing experience in a comfortable and ambient environment. Ibogaine therapy offers a long term solution for individuals suffering from substance dependency, psychological and emotional trauma, along with many common mental disorders that are recognized as psychosomatic in origin. Our facility always uses laboratory tested 98% ibogaine HCL.

I Begin Again treatment centers has been offering this unique and life changing experience in the western hemisphere for 25 years with astonishing results. In recent years, modern science is beginning to support and recognize the validity and importance of this type of therapy worldwide.

I Begin Again | Costa Rica

I Begin Again | Costa Rica


Video Testimonials and Experiences

Below you will find a selection of testimonials and experiences from our clients. For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel, Root Revolution.