About Us

Shea Prueger and  Dr. Sofia Artavia combine modern medical safety protocols alongside of the I BEGIN AGAIN organization’s fourteen years of direct experience working in the field of ibogaine therapy.

Our medical team consists of doctors, registered nurses, licensed massage therapists, and supportive staff members. We are always available for consultation by phone prior to treatment.  Shea Prueger opened the world’s first treatment center in Thailand. Shea is director of all of our branches focusing on  scheduling private sessions at I Begin Again’s Envision Recovery. 

Dr. Sofia Artavia monitors all treatment sessions practicing safeguards and methods she’s adopted from years of working under the I BEGIN AGAIN organization's direct supervision. Our Medical Director brings Fifteen years of nursing expertise from administrating safeguards at multiple Veteran’s Hospital on the east coast. She is also head of our team of registered nurses here at "I Begin Again’s” celebrated boutique mountainside location, Envision Recovery.

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Video Testimonials and Experiences

Below you will find a selection of testimonials and experiences from our clients. For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel, Root Revolution.