Our ultimate concern is the safety and health of our patients.

An ambient environment is provided alongside constant medical monitoring, to insure the highest level of safety for each individual undergoing ibogaine treatment. The idea of ibogaine therapy can seem intimidating for people new to this medicine.

Our onsite staff will be there alongside our registered medical nurses and doctors to support you every step of the way. At Envision Recovery, we view your treatment as a positively transformative and therapeutic experience. We offer unwavering attention throughout the entire process including the integration phase.


Pre-screening Procedures 

To avoid possible complications with ibogaine therapy, each patient must meet the necessary health requirements to assure a positive outcome following treatment. 


Length of Treatment 

Ibogaine treatments generally lasts between twenty-four and thirty-six hours. Our medical monitoring begins twenty-four hours prior to treatment and seventy-two hours following. Patients stay at our facility for a total of one week with the option of prolonging recovery time with extended stay options available.


Addiction Interruption

Ibogaine treatment allows one to detox from a variety of addictive substances. We successfully offer opiate addiction interruption - this includes heroin, morphine, oxycodone, methadone, Suboxone, and various prescription opioids.

We also offer stimulant addiction interruption. This is a growing problem in America and includes methamphetamine, cocaine, and various prescription medications.

Envision Recovery has  a high success rate with alleviating nicotine and tobacco addiction. We offer alcohol addiction interruption, however, the length of stay for this type of treatment requires more time and is customized to the individual.