What is Ibogaine?

Found within the root bark of a west African rainforest shrub, ibogaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid of the plant tabernanthe iboga.

In recent years, it has been celebrated for it’s ground breaking effect in addiction interruption, asymptomatic depression, PTSD, and fibromyalgia. Noribogaine, its primary metabolite, acts upon the pleasure receptors of the brain and fortifies the nervous system through GABA regulation, endorphin initiation, and dopamine regulation. Ibogaine is also responsible for revitalizing the endocrine gland system.

The rapid eye movement phase initiated by significant doses of ibogaine instigates a cinematic life review allowing the release of past traumas embedded in personal history. In many cases, the ibogaine induced psychological introspection state leads to a deeper level of self understanding for the individual undergoing ibogaine treatment..

The potential benefits derived from one session of ibogaine therapy have placed ibogaine in a unique position in psychiatric medicine in the world today.